Assignment 5 – My Choice

For the final assignment in Graphic Design 1, I was to choose between three different briefs:

  1. Book Design – to create a new house style for Penguin Books for a collection of books on design for children and young people
  2. Promotional Design – produce a poster, a flyer, and a newspaper advert for the youth theater production of Abigail’s Party
  3. Charity Work – design a generic business card, letterhead, and paper mock up for the home page of the website for the Gerald Anthony Furniture Store (a charity that helps poor and displaced people furnish their homes with the basics and has been running for over 100 years). Additionally, I have to design their 8-page annual review

To finish up my course, I wanted to challenge myself with the third brief and design for the Gerald Anthony Furniture Store. Continue reading “Assignment 5 – My Choice”


Show me…

Assignment four will be quite the challenge. Before I begin, the first step I am supposed to take is to research type foundries on the internet.

Since this whole section was on typography, it becomes important to have a feeling for type and it’s implementation into any design creation. I don’t expect to be a typographer after completing this unit, but I do feel I should have a better grip on my font choices and type settings.

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Color me…

After quite a few months spent on part three (Visual Language) it was finally time to tackle the third assignment.
The brief was to:

[choose] a colour that has a meaning that [I] want to explore and celebrate.

I was allowed only to work with my chosen color, its complementary color, black, and white in order to explore visual dynamics and contrast, as well as to hopefully show off the skills and processes I was supposed to take with me from this unit.

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Postcard #1

Postcard #1 first draft finished. This first postcard represents my interest in languages, cartoon modern, and the influences of such artists as Mary Blair, Chuck Jones, and Tex Avery have had on me (bold colors, blockier shapes, sometimes scratchy lines).

All languages in the speech bubbles are languages I know (not all fluently), and the text fits to the theme of “postcard” and sending greetings.