Thinking of you

I finally made it to the second, full assignment, which is to “[create] a range of cards for sentiments or events that are worth of a greeting card, but are currently not catered for by card manufacturers”.

The following post will go through the points I will need to address while working through this brief. Continue reading “Thinking of you”


Postcard #1

Postcard #1 first draft finished. This first postcard represents my interest in languages, cartoon modern, and the influences of such artists as Mary Blair, Chuck Jones, and Tex Avery have had on me (bold colors, blockier shapes, sometimes scratchy lines).

All languages in the speech bubbles are languages I know (not all fluently), and the text fits to the theme of “postcard” and sending greetings.


Postcard Brainstorm

Nothing gets the juices flowing like a gin and tonic on a sunny Friday afternoon.
Starting to brainstorm ideas and sketches for my postcard assignment. Who am I? What makes me me? Self-discovery, here I come!


I decided to list in my sketchbooks all the things that make me, me. I started with lists and brainstorming and then went on to make small thumbnail sketches of elements I wished to incorporate into my postcards to introduce myself.

The lists were full of topics and ideas that describe me, but the hard part was to narrow down the choices to three or four central themes. My runners-up included: Texas, my interest in languages, and my life in Berlin/ Germany.