Research point: awareness

With this post, I went back to my “visual diary” (in my case, my Instagram, Pinterest Dream Portfolio board, and my Tumblr) in order to try and understand how my eyes travel around the items I’ve collected.

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Exercise: Signs and symbols

For this exercise, I’m supposed to take a gander at the existing signs and symbols for the following concepts and then develop my own for at least one:

Danger, Movement, Love, Here

I found this to be a bit challenging, especially for the more abstract concepts, such as “here” and “movement”. Well, let’s get to my process, shall we?

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Research point: graphic designers

One of the graphic designers that currently interest me is Saul Bass, whose minimalist poster work is very poignant and iconic. As mentioned in my visual diary post, I enjoy the designs that were very prominent in the 50s and 60s, as well as the 1920s.
Saul’s work used visual language in order to garner intrigue, without revealing too much. His colors are bold, his shapes very simple.

Alvin Lustig also used bold colors, but his shaped were more abstract, and he played a lot more with typography (in my opinion) than Saul Bass did.

Mary Blair is of course a graphic designer / illustrator whom I very often reference, but she would have to be one of my biggest inspirations. As mentioned above, the bold / strong colors attract me to her work, as well as her use of simple, yet strong shapes.

I feel like I am trying to incorporate bolder colors (such as in my book cover designs), but I need to work more on my shapes. In my work, my shapes are becoming more complex, although I really want to go in the opposite direction. I see the direction I want to go in, and now I just need to work on really getting there. Perhaps I need to spend more time on my planning stages of my projects, more specifically: my sketches?

Other illustrators and graphic designers that I follow on social media platforms also tend to fall into these styles, but I wrote more about this in my visual diary blog.

Exercise: Too much or not enough information

To created the posters for this exercise, I began with identifying an event that would take place. Since I couldn’t find anything here locally (and it would all be in German), I decided to go with an event that took place in Texas a while back, and just update / create a new poster for it. Continue reading “Exercise: Too much or not enough information”

Reasearch Point (self-criticism)

Being self-critical is something I’m no stranger to, I feel. I see it as a chance for me to look over over my work before allowing anyone else to see it.
Although I do this often (in fact, the more I go back and look at sketches and prior projects, the more I dislike them and see things I really need to change in order for me to be happy), I feel like it does hinder me in some regards. Continue reading “Reasearch Point (self-criticism)”