Exercise: Point of sale display

This brief calls for a design for a green grocer’s  point of sale display that will go above the fruit and vegetables in their shop. Continue reading “Exercise: Point of sale display”


Exercise: Too much or not enough information

To created the posters for this exercise, I began with identifying an event that would take place. Since I couldn’t find anything here locally (and it would all be in German), I decided to go with an event that took place in Texas a while back, and just update / create a new poster for it. Continue reading “Exercise: Too much or not enough information”

Reasearch Point (self-criticism)

Being self-critical is something I’m no stranger to, I feel. I see it as a chance for me to look over over my work before allowing anyone else to see it.
Although I do this often (in fact, the more I go back and look at sketches and prior projects, the more I dislike them and see things I really need to change in order for me to be happy), I feel like it does hinder me in some regards. Continue reading “Reasearch Point (self-criticism)”

Book Cover Design: Take Two

So after reflecting upon my last entry with the book cover mock-ups, I decided I didn’t like them. The feel they gave me was that of a self-published manual or textbook.

I decided to take my idea of the color schemes and still run with it, but this time make the covers more graphic. In the end, this is what I came up with:  Continue reading “Book Cover Design: Take Two”

Research point – Graphic Design Level 1 Core Concepts

Items I’ve “collected” so far have been mostly digital. I use my Instagram accounts, Tumblr, and Pinterest to collect images and follow users I find inspiring for the widest range of design possibilities: illustration, typography, product & packaging design, photography, etc.
I feel that there is no one, common thread that connects these images or users, other than that I find them visually appealing. I guess I feel like I’m trying to create a visual library of sorts that I can go back and reference for almost any project or brief I may undertake.