Exercise: Hierarchy

For this exercise, I was to create three different layouts using about 500 words of dummy text to design:

  • an interview with a TV actor in a listings magazine entitled: Will Sheila tell the naked truth?
  • a review of a new piece of hardware or software in a specialist computer magazine
  • a book review in a newspaper’s weekend edition

The first step was to research what was already out there and “typical” of each of these three layouts, as well as “identify three different combinations of typefaces appropriate for each publication”. Continue reading “Exercise: Hierarchy”


Research Point: Collecting Print

For this portion of my research, I am to collect as many newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and brochures as I can, go through them, and divide them into the categories of “easy to read” and “not easy to read”.

Below, I have collected a few examples of each and will discuss them, along with give my notes on what I feel the designers have done to make things more legible and readable. Continue reading “Research Point: Collecting Print”

Exercise: If the face fits

There are  few parts to this exercise; here are the steps, briefly listed:

  1. create [my] own sample book of typefaces on [my] computer that I can refer to
  2. Identify which typefaces have bold, italic, black or light fonts
  3. Identify which fonts I would use for a few, listed commissions
  4. Create a mock-up of the commissions
  5. Create variations of the mock-ups utilizing different fonts and discuss observations

Let’s get started! Continue reading “Exercise: If the face fits”

Research Point: Vernacular typography

For this research point, I was to go around and find vernacular typography I found interesting. This will also be an on-going blog post, as there is so much more to find / document here in Berlin.

In this post, I will be focusing on vernacular typography that is around the area in which I live. Continue reading “Research Point: Vernacular typography”

Research Point: identifont

For this portion of research, I am expected to explore my computer and the look at special characters.
Afterward, I was to choose a magazine and look at the main typefaces they use for the body text, as well as the headlines and then use a font-identifying program (suggested was http://www.identifont.com) and identify the fonts used.
I was then to look all around me and identify typefaces and what their distinguishing characteristics were. Continue reading “Research Point: identifont”