Research point – History of typography

Of course the history of typography is a vast subject, and one could spend countless hours going into the depths of the evolution of type. Continue reading “Research point – History of typography”


Cherchez la Femme – Jüdisches Museum Berlin

One of my personal highlights in the Jewish Museum of Berlin was the current exhibit: Cherchez la Femme, curated by Miriam Goldmann and Naomi Lubrich, which presents the ideas of head coverings for women through religion, fashion, and society. The art and design of different coverings (wigs, burqas, and wimples) were presented through various forms (photos, drawings, sculptures, video, cartoons, etc.) to give a wide representation of the different stances on women’s head coverings.

Prints of Paris – Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

On the other side of the Van Gogh museum there was an exhibit on the prints of Paris.
This exhibit was a pleasant surprise, as it tied in a few of my favorite Parisian posters and my interest in graphic design. The turn-of-the-century posters gave a glimpse into the glamorous and dark side of Parisian life.
Here, details played a key role, but they were select details. I found the techniques simple, lots of outlines, and then a concentration of detail in the areas of the print the artists wanted to draw more attention to.
If only I were as confident in my line work!


Van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed how the museum showcased not just his art, but the artists who inspired him, his most-used tools, and the work of his artist friends.
The best exhibit, in my opinion, was looking at his pieces under a microscope to see the brush strokes and his wet-on-wet technique that he is so famous for up close. It really gave me a new perspective on his work and showed that one doesn’t have to get caught up in the details when painting or drawing. Simplicity speaks words.
I managed to sneak a photo of one of his self portraits before being yelled at.


The Heineken Experience

Went to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. I loved looking at all the old advertisements and the simplicity of the design and colors.
It wasn’t just the posters that caught my eye, either. Everywhere you look is art, if you’re careful enough to see it. The stained glass windows and the architecture really complimented each other well.
I’d like to eventually try some designs that match the style of the old Heineken ads, though.