Exercise: Lorum Ipsum

For this exercise, I need to get a bit acquainted with some dummy text (as in my other posts using lorum ipsum text) as I try to “re-build” two of the layouts I liked from my previous blog entry. Continue reading “Exercise: Lorum Ipsum”


Research Point: Collecting Print

For this portion of my research, I am to collect as many newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and brochures as I can, go through them, and divide them into the categories of “easy to read” and “not easy to read”.

Below, I have collected a few examples of each and will discuss them, along with give my notes on what I feel the designers have done to make things more legible and readable. Continue reading “Research Point: Collecting Print”

Research Point: Vernacular typography

For this research point, I was to go around and find vernacular typography I found interesting. This will also be an on-going blog post, as there is so much more to find / document here in Berlin.

In this post, I will be focusing on vernacular typography that is around the area in which I live. Continue reading “Research Point: Vernacular typography”

Research Point: identifont

For this portion of research, I am expected to explore my computer and the look at special characters.
Afterward, I was to choose a magazine and look at the main typefaces they use for the body text, as well as the headlines and then use a font-identifying program (suggested was http://www.identifont.com) and identify the fonts used.
I was then to look all around me and identify typefaces and what their distinguishing characteristics were. Continue reading “Research Point: identifont”

Exercise: Signs and symbols

For this exercise, I’m supposed to take a gander at the existing signs and symbols for the following concepts and then develop my own for at least one:

Danger, Movement, Love, Here

I found this to be a bit challenging, especially for the more abstract concepts, such as “here” and “movement”. Well, let’s get to my process, shall we?

Continue reading “Exercise: Signs and symbols”