Blog Move

Decided to move my blog over to WordPress to make my posts easier for my tutor to navigate, since Tumblr is more of a “running blog”.

Now that I have internet in my new apartment, I expect to keep going toward my degree in visual communications.

Presently I am working on coursework for part 2 of my Graphic Design Level 1 Core Concepts course, which requires me to develop book covers for three H.G. Wells books / novels.

I hope to post more this week on my progress.

Research point – Graphic Design Level 1 Core Concepts

Items I’ve “collected” so far have been mostly digital. I use my Instagram accounts, Tumblr, and Pinterest to collect images and follow users I find inspiring for the widest range of design possibilities: illustration, typography, product & packaging design, photography, etc.
I feel that there is no one, common thread that connects these images or users, other than that I find them visually appealing. I guess I feel like I’m trying to create a visual library of sorts that I can go back and reference for almost any project or brief I may undertake.

Cherchez la Femme – Jüdisches Museum Berlin

One of my personal highlights in the Jewish Museum of Berlin was the current exhibit: Cherchez la Femme, curated by Miriam Goldmann and Naomi Lubrich, which presents the ideas of head coverings for women through religion, fashion, and society. The art and design of different coverings (wigs, burqas, and wimples) were presented through various forms (photos, drawings, sculptures, video, cartoons, etc.) to give a wide representation of the different stances on women’s head coverings.