Exercise: Giving Information

This next exercise focuses on infographics and how I can incorporate them into my designs. It calls for me to find some examples of information graphics and study them, so I can attempt to figure out why they were designed the way they were.

In the second part of the exercise, I will be attempting to describe my immediate surroundings using infographics. Continue reading “Exercise: Giving Information”


Judging a book by its cover

For this next assignment, I was to:

Choose a book by an author [I] am familiar with. [I] am going to design two different covers for it, one using illustrations or photography and the other using just type.

Design the whole cover, including the spine and the back page. Include the title of the book, the author’s name, a brief description of the story and any other information you think is necessary.

To begin, I took on the cover using illustrations… Continue reading “Judging a book by its cover”

Exercise: Magazine Pages

For this exercise, I was to “[c]hoose a magazine or journal and work out the grid or grids they have used.”
I was then to “measure out the size of the pages, the margins, the text columns and the gaps in between them.”

Afterward, I needed to draw up a two-page spread using the same grid as the magazine and indicate text using Lorum Ipsum and indicate images by either filling a picture box with 10% tint or using a picture from my collection.

Once that was completed, the rest of the exercise entailed trying to develop the grid further, selecting a title and images, and see how many variations I could come up with.*

Let’s get started… Continue reading “Exercise: Magazine Pages”

Show me…

Assignment four will be quite the challenge. Before I begin, the first step I am supposed to take is to research type foundries on the internet.

Since this whole section was on typography, it becomes important to have a feeling for type and it’s implementation into any design creation. I don’t expect to be a typographer after completing this unit, but I do feel I should have a better grip on my font choices and type settings.

Let’s get started… Continue reading “Show me…”

Exercise: Hierarchy

For this exercise, I was to create three different layouts using about 500 words of dummy text to design:

  • an interview with a TV actor in a listings magazine entitled: Will Sheila tell the naked truth?
  • a review of a new piece of hardware or software in a specialist computer magazine
  • a book review in a newspaper’s weekend edition

The first step was to research what was already out there and “typical” of each of these three layouts, as well as “identify three different combinations of typefaces appropriate for each publication”. Continue reading “Exercise: Hierarchy”