Assignment 5 – My Choice

For the final assignment in Graphic Design 1, I was to choose between three different briefs:

  1. Book Design – to create a new house style for Penguin Books for a collection of books on design for children and young people
  2. Promotional Design – produce a poster, a flyer, and a newspaper advert for the youth theater production of Abigail’s Party
  3. Charity Work – design a generic business card, letterhead, and paper mock up for the home page of the website for the Gerald Anthony Furniture Store (a charity that helps poor and displaced people furnish their homes with the basics and has been running for over 100 years). Additionally, I have to design their 8-page annual review

To finish up my course, I wanted to challenge myself with the third brief and design for the Gerald Anthony Furniture Store. Continue reading “Assignment 5 – My Choice”


Exercise: The French Hen

For this next exercise, I was to develop a logo for a bar, The French Hen, to be used on the covers of menus, signage, window detail, staff t-shirts, paper napkins, and beermats.

The bar is to be owned by the same brewers of The Rovers Return, but should appeal to younger women and sophisticated young men, meaning that this location shall be quite the opposite of what bar-goers expect from Newton and Ridley. Continue reading “Exercise: The French Hen”

Exercise: Poster and flyer

For this exercise, the goal was to see “how [I] deal with two different spaces to work in.”

In the design brief, I was

…asked to design an A3 poster and an accompanying double-sided A6 flyer to promote a singing course run by an organisation called SingOut[…]. They have very little money so want to print these posters on their black and white photocopier.

I am allowed to use colour paper if I want.

The following information had to be included on the flyer and poster:

  • Do you love to sing?
  • Join us for an exciting opportunity during the day with a professional vocal coach. Learn to sing different types of music, vocal techniques, meet new people and have fun!
  • 10.30 to 12.00 every Tuesday from 11 March
  • The Community Centre, Charlotte Church Road
  • £60 for the course
  • No experience needed/no requirement to read music
  • For more information call 011779 8765432

Let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading “Exercise: Poster and flyer”

Research Point: Posters

When I think about posters and what really grabs my attention, it would have to be the vintage travel posters of the early 20th century.

I can’t really say what it is exactly that draws me to them. Maybe it’s the whimsical color schemes or the emotions of adventure or paradise that these posters evoke. The graphics vary from minimalistic to very detailed, but all of them really speak to me.

This was never really a subject I  ever researched or thought about too much, other than when trying to design my own posters (see Unit 3, for example), so I decided to delve a bit further into various travel poster artists during this time frame. Continue reading “Research Point: Posters”